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J3 Wheelchair Cushion Seat with Air Hybrid or Gel by Jay

$332.50 for Standard Sizes
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 Jay J3 Wheelchair Cushion  Notes About This Cushion

The Jay J3 wheelchair cushion can generally be categorized as a gel cushion due to its pressure-distributing fluid-filled pouch component (or as a hybrid cushion if an air PLA insert is used). Sunrise Medical—the manufacturer of this product—specifies this cushion as follows.

  • Approximately 3.75 (standard) or 4.25 inches thick
  • Approximately 4.5 or 4.9 pounds (see order guide)
  • The cushion comes with 1 cover

These Jay J3 wheelchair cushions come with Sunrise Medical's J3 cushion base. The standard unloaded J3 cushion thickness is 3.75 inches and weighs approximately 4.5 pounds (the 3.75" thickness is standard). The weight of the J3 cushion with the 4.25" deep thickness option is approximately 4.9 pounds.

The additional J3 positioning component cost is the same, regardless of the combination selected. In other words, selecting all possible J3 positioning components costs the same as selecting only one of the positioning components. This pricing structure has been set by Sunrise Medical—the manufacturer of the J3 wheelchair cushion.

The cover options include: microclimatic (shown in the picture at the top of this page), stretch (shown in the picture at the bottom of this page), and incontinent (which has a non-porous layer under the top surface of the cover, but otherwise looks like the picture at the bottom of this page).

Since J3 cushions are available in a great variety of configurations, the manufacturer provides these cushions as made-to-order items. It frequently takes the manufacturer a week or more to make a J3 cushion. So, if you want to receive a J3 cushion quickly, be sure to choose the appropriate shipping method. The shipping method affects the shipping transit time (Fast is 1-2 business days)—the J3s must still be made when ordered.

The optional air single and air dual PLA inserts are made by Roho, and either may be ordered as a substitute for the standard fluid (i.e., gel) PLA insert. The air dual insert consists of separate; individually sealed, left and right air compartments with each having its own air valve. These optional air inserts are identical to those offered with the Jay Fusion cushion. The air inserts are inflated via a valve that extends out of the side(s) of the cushion cover. The small accessory air pump offered as an option (above), or most any bicycle tire pump, can be used to inflate the air inserts.

As an interesting note, the inclusion of an "Air Single" (one valve) or "Air Dual" (two valves) PLA Insert option makes this wheelchair cushion a hybrid cushion—air and foam. The hybrid design is a result of a "supplier agreement" between Sunrise Medical and Roho. This "supplier agreement" (the phrase used in the official communication) grants Sunrise Medical a Roho-manufactured air bladder made to Sunrise Medical's specifications (the "Air Single" and "Air Dual" PLA Inserts), and grants Roho a Sunrise Medical-manufactured foam base made to Roho's specifications (used in the Roho Hybrid Elite cushion). As one might guess, these two hybrid cushions are quite similar. These optional air inserts are identical to those offered with the Jay Fusion cushion.

 Jay J3 Wheelchair Seat Cushion