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Non-Cushion Stuff

The video exhibits a portion of the phone conversation in which Sunday Mershon was told that she is a "Thank You Mother" recipient. Sunday is the fourth Thank You Mother recipient chosen by Wheelchair Cushion Sage. After clicking on the video, the video can be viewed in a larger format by clicking the YouTube viewing option.

In addition to the wheelchair cushions listed on this website, and the: Acta, Ridge, Ascent, Curve, Maxx, Hyalite, Elements, and Galaxy, cushion models that are also available here (call or email for pricing), the following Non-Cushion Stuff is available to Wheelchair Cushion Sage customers.

  • The Smart Drive MX2+ Wheelchair Power Assist
  • The Spinergy ZX-1 Wheelchair Power Assist
  • All TiLite Chairs and Parts (here are just a few)
    • TiLite Pilot with Growth Pkg. here is $1,950 (Retail is $2,600)
    • TiLite Twist here is $2,272 (Retail is $2,840)
    • TiLite Aero T here is $2,065 (Retail is $2,950)
    • TiLite Aero X here is $1,624 (Retail is $2,390)
    • TiLite Aero Z here is $1,859 (Retail is $2,655)
    • TiLite TR here is $3,125 (Retail is $4,450)
    • TiLite TRA here is $2,954 (Retail is $4,210)
    • TiLite ZR here is $3,050 (Retail is $4,345)
    • TiLite ZRA here is $2,754 (Retail is $4,050)
    • TiLite 2GX here is $2,884 (Retail is $4,265)
  • All Ki Mobility Wheelchairs
  • All Spinergy Products Including Blade LXL and Carbon CLX Wheels
  • All PDG Mobility Products
  • All ADI / Stealth Products (e.g., Back Supports, Disc Brakes, etc.)
  • All Acta Wheelchair Back Supports
  • All D's Locks Products
  • RibGrips Handrims
  • All Out-Front Products Like Natural-Fit and Q-Grip Rims
  • All Supracor Products Including: Bath, Spa, and Equestrian Items
  • LifeWalker Mobility Products (the UpWalker Rollator)
  • Leg Bags, Bedside Bags, and Condom Catheters by Rochester Medical and Bard
  • Veigel Seat Belt Assist Device - The Jimmy - for Buckling and Unbuckling
  • If You Don't See It Here - Ask !

How do I order the Non-Cushion Stuff ?   Call or email Wheelchair Cushion Sage and provide the necessary details associated with the item(s) about which you are inquiring (the email address is shown at the bottom of every page on this website). You will receive a price quotation by email or; if you prefer, by phone. If you then choose to purchase the item(s), you may order by phone.