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SupraSeat Stimulite Cushion by Supracor

 SupraSeat Stimulite Cushion
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Stimulite SupraSeat

The Supracor SupraSeat Stimulite cushion can generally be categorized as a honeycomb cushion due to its honeycomb-like structure. Supracor - the manufacturer of this product - specifies this cushion as follows.

  • Made in the USA
  • Approximately 0.67 inches thick
  • Approximately 1 pound
  • Machine washable (front-loading)
  • Dryer-safe (lowest heat setting)
  • This cushion does not come with a cover

 Perforated Honeycomb Structure The SupraSeat cushion is the thinnest cushion made by this manufacturer (the next thinnest honeycomb cushion being the 1.5" thick Stimulite Silver model). The SupraSeat is made of the same perforated and breathable, open cell honeycomb structure as Supracor's other Stimulite cushions. The cushion's excellent breathability; as compared to other types of cushions, assists in the reduction of perspiration (i.e., it helps to reduce sweating on your bottom).

Able-bodied individuals enjoy the SupraSeat for: desk work, computer gaming, lengthy airplane flights, trucker and mail carrier drives, etc. (i.e., the SupraSeat being placed atop the existing chair seat). This cushion may also be used by sport fishermen during fishing outings - water does not adversely affect this cushion, it can be completely submerged indefinitely. The SupraSeat cushion can be washed in a front-loading washer (an agitator-type washer will destroy the cushion). Able-bodied individuals — folks with no handicap whatsoever — really do like and use Stimulite cushions. For example, after sitting on one of these SupraSeat cushions atop his office chair seat for a while, a Swiss International Air Lines executive made the decision to put Stimulite cushions in all of the SWISS passenger planes — the seat change is happening now (yes, in 2016). There is at least one competitive ATV (all-terrain vehicle) team that buys a thicker Stimulite cushion model for use on its ATV seats — they get their cushions here. For folks like the ATV team members who prefer a bit more cushion while accepting the associated height increase, numerous alternatives are avaiable on this website.

Don't like the color? The optional cover is black. Alternatively, the cushion can be inserted into a pillow case of your choosing thereby exhibiting virtually any color or design that you prefer — even computer gaming themes. Note that while helpful for cleaning and general wear purposes, a cover can reduce the cushion's overall breathability.

The SupraSeat cushion is ideally used atop a desk chair seat, an automobile seat, an airplane seat, etc. and should not be used alone as a wheelchair cushion for wheelchair users. For wheelchair users, the SupraSeat can be helpful as a more breathable layer placed atop a thicker cushion. Unlike other Stimulite models, the only difference between the SupraSeat's sizes is the placement of the manufacturer's sticker underneath the cushion.

The "Slow" shipping method refers to regular UPS ground (typically 5 business days transit time). Faster shipping methods can be used for expedited delivery. Call before ordering if you need the SupraSeat delivered quicker than regular UPS ground.

 SupraSeat Stimulite Cushion