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MX2+ SmartDrive Power Assist for Wheelchairs by Max Mobility

 Max Mobility MX2+ Smart Drive
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SmartDrive MX2+

The SmartDrive MX2+ power assist unit and PushTracker are designed to help people who use wheelchairs. The Smart Drive is a portable, battery powered accessory for manual chairs. Max Mobility - the manufacturer of this product - specifies this power assist device as follows.

  • For Rigid and Folding Chair Frames
  • Approximate Range = 10 miles
  • Speed Range on Level Surface = 0.5 to 5.5 mph
  • Total Weight including Batteries = 12.5 pounds
  • Battery Type = 36 Volt Lithium-Ion
  • PushTracker Wristband Display = 64 x 32 Pixel OLED
  • (Coming Soon: Upgrade Your PushTracker to Smart Watch)

The MX2+ Smart Drive is made for people who weigh no more than 250 pounds, and who use a manually propelled wheelchair. The drive's performance is automatically adjusted by control circuitry which infers the desired movement (similar; in principle, to some high-end vacuum cleaners). The drive motor power rating is 250 Watts (746 Watts is equivalent to one horsepower). The recipient wheelchair's rear wheel diameter must be one of the diameters listed among the order options (above). Additionally, the Smart Drive is compatible only with wheelchairs exhibiting:

  • Seat Width (left-to-right) = 10 inches or greater
  • Seat Depth (front-to-back) = From 12 inches minimum To 20 inches maximum
  • Under-Seat Clearance = 2 inches or greater
  • Axle Receiving Tube Diameter (Rigid Chairs) = 1.25, 1.375, 1.5, or 2.0 inches

 PushTracker MX2+ Wrist Strap Controller The new MX2+ model's performance is substantially more user-selectable than the older MX2 model which was introduced with only an "outdoor" mode, and the earlier MX1+ Smart Drive model which exhibited discreet "indoor" and "outdoor" modes. The new MX2+ Smart Drive model comes with a "PushTracker" bluetooth-enabled wristband that wirelessly communicates commands to the drive unit. The MX2+ also has a new drive mode that does not require a handrim push to engage. The new PushTracker wristband controller has a 64 x 32 pixel OLED display which can show the number of thrusts (i.e., pushes) on the handrim and other data. There are three PushTracker strap sizes - the wrist circumference ranges being: small (4.5" - 6"), medium (6" - 7.25"), and large (7.25" - 9") or small (114mm - 152mm), medium (152mm - 184mm), and large (184mm - 229mm).

The MX2+ can be used with an optional free smart-phone app. Neither a smart-phone nor the associated app is required to operate the MX2+. At the time of this writing, the PushTracker app does; however, offer at least two features not inherent in the wristband-only scenario. The two app-specific features are the ability to view push, coast, and other usage history beyond the present day, and the ability to update the PushTracker wristband software via the app when Max-Mobility provides software updates. The smart-phone app communicates with the wristband controller via the bluetooth radio frequency protocol.

To tell the MX2+ to "go" - press the button on - or tap - the wristband. To tell it to "stop" - tap the wristband against the wheelchair hand rim or other object. The Smart Drive MX2+'s drive battery is incorporated into the wheeled drive unit - it's like the former MX2 drive unit. The overall weight of the MX2+ is identical to the former MX2 model, being several pounds lighter than the no-longer-made MX1+ model.

When used with a folding wheelchair, the SmartDrive's optional adapter bar allows the MX2+ to be quickly disengaged from the chair by pulling back on the adapter bar's spring-loaded flanges.

Rigid and folding wheelchair frames can be used with the Smart Drive. Folding frames require the installation of an adapter bar to which the Smart Drive connects. The adapter bar is sized to match the clearance between the innermmost points of the wheelchair's rear wheel axles (note the "between rear axles" order option). The adapter bar can be shipped with the Smart Drive. This Smart Drive comes with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty. The previous MX2 SmartDrive model can be upgraded to MX2+ for $425.

Side view of MX2+ SmartDrive power assist unit