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ADI Carbon Fiber Wheelchair Back

Picture of ADI carbon fiber wheelchair backs shown in three different heights and two different contours.
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ADI Wheelchair Back Supports

The ADI carbon fiber back is among the lightest, non-sling wheelchair backrests. Its weight, together with the carbon fiber's visual appearance and rigidity, constitute a luxury backrest for people who prefer an enforced postural back support to the more common sling type wheelchair back. The manufacturer - ADI / Stealth Products - specifies these backs as follows.

  • Includes formed carbon fiber shell
  • Includes foam padding
  • Includes 1 washable cover
  • Back weight is approximately 1 pound (without mounting hardware)
  • Maximum user weight is 250 pounds

ADI lists its carbon fiber wheelchair back heights as: 10 inches (low), 13 inches (medium), and 16 inches (standard). However, ADI's height specification refers only to the back's shell. The back's foam padding and cover extend beyond the carbon fiber shell. Thus, the overall back height will be approximtely 2.5 inches greater than the listed ADI height. Please be aware of this additional 2.5 inches when sizing the height of these wheelchair backs. Note also that back heights can be customized - call or email for details.

Chair Width* Actual Dimensions Of ADI Back
Active Contour Deep Contour
13" 10.5" Wide, 2.1" Depth 10.5" Wide, 3.6" Depth
14" 11.4" Wide, 2.3" Depth 12.6" Wide, 4.3" Depth
15" 12.3" Wide, 2.3" Depth 13.8" Wide, 4.3" Depth
16" 13.5" Wide, 2.3" Depth 14.3" Wide, 4.3" Depth
17" 14.4" Wide, 2.3" Depth 15.3" Wide, 4.3" Depth
18" 15.4" Wide, 2.3" Depth 16.8" Wide, 4.3" Depth
19" 16.4" Wide, 2.3" Depth 17.8" Wide, 4.3" Depth

** When ordering an ADI back, be aware that ADI's width specification does not refer to the actual width of the ADI back, but to the wheelchair's width as measured between the outside edges of the chair's two vertical back canes. In the typical use case the ADI mounting hardware shares; with the ADI back, some of the space between the chair's vertical canes. Hence the actual width of an ADI back is; in many installations, less than the width of the chair. It is possible; however, to order and install an ADI carbon fiber wheelchair back that is as wide or slightly wider than the associated chair. Extra care must be taken when ordering the back and hardware for this installation preference.

 Top view of ADI wheelchair backs showing active and deep contour depths

In addition to back height, trunk stability is addressed by the degree of backrest contouring. ADI's contour options — "Active" and "Deep" — refer to the degree of curvature of these wheelchair backs. The Active contour exhibits approximately 2.3 inches of hug depth, and the Deep contour exhibits approximately 4.3 inches of hug depth. A person who prefers the maximum postural enforcement will likely prefer the Deep contour (and perhaps the optional lateral supports also - call and ask). The Active contour depth is best suited to people who routinely need to be free to lean from side to side, as one might do to reach something, or to pick up something from the floor.

Mounting hardware is needed to attach these wheelchair backs to the chair. Hardware types vary with respect to: adjustability, weight, and back compatibility. The following table offers a brief comparison of these specific hardware details. Note that the total weight of an installed ADI back is determined by adding the weight of the back (i.e., the carbon fiber shell with its padding and cover), to the weight of the selected mounting hardware. For example, the total weight of a "16x16" back with Fixed Elite hardware would be approximately:
(1 lb. back) + (0.6 lb. hardware) = 1.6 pounds added to the wheelchair

ADI Back
Mounting Hardware
Adjustable, Non-removable
1.3 Pounds All Back Heights, Contours, and Widths
Adjustable, Non-removable
1.3 Pounds All Back Heights, Contours, and Widths
Quick Release
Adjustable, Removable
1.3 Pounds All Back Heights, Contours, and Widths
Fixed Elite
0.6 Pounds All Back Heights, Contours, and Widths Except 19" Width
Width Adjustable Elite
0.6 Pounds All Back Heights, Contours, and Widths

ADI guarantees the Carbon Series backrest to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for one year from date of purchase. In the case of a manufacturing defect, ADI will, at its option, repair or replace your backrest without charge. The warranty does not apply to user-caused punctures, tears, or burns, nor to the back's cover.

NOTE: Presently, ADI's carbon fiber backrests ship in approximately 7 business days unless expedited. If you are ordering a custom size (call for custom sizes), please allow 14 business days for the production queue time and manufacturing time.