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Fun Things

Fun Thing 1. Heddon Punkinseed Ornaments

Fun Decor for Wheelchair Fishermen

Photo of four sets of fun Heddon Punkinseed ornaments.

Wheelchair users enjoy something fun as much as anyone. These little Heddon Punkinseed ornaments are sure to get the attention of any serious wheeler fisherman and fisherwoman. These Punkinseeds (yes - it's not Pumpkinseed) are essentially just like the famous lures, but without hooks. It's fishing decor accessories.

For those who may not know, the Heddon bait company — the manufacturer of these cuties — is known the world over for its lures, and Heddon's Punkinseed lures are among the most iconic fresh water fishing baits ever, and are highly sought by collectors. These Heddon Punkinseed ornaments are now harder to find since Heddon stopped making them a few years ago.

Like the no-longer-made Punkinseed baits, you won't find these fun Heddon Punkinseed ornaments at a bait shop or in a big box store. These new, old-stock, sets are in extremely limited supply. The price is $60 + freight per boxed set of a dozen ornaments. Wheelchair Cushion Sage can ship no more than four [4] sets to the same address (i.e., limit 4 to one address). You'll have to email or call to get these fun fishing decor accessories.

Fun Heddon Punkinseed ornaments. Fun Heddon Punkinseed ornaments. Fun Heddon Punkinseed ornaments. Fun Heddon Punkinseed ornaments.