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Maxx Mag Wheels for Wheelchair

 Blue Maxx Mag Wheels Shown on Manual Wheelchair
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Maxx Mag Wheels in Colors

Maxx Mag wheels are a departure from other mag wheelchair wheels that are made from polymer (i.e, plastic) or carbon fiber materials. Ki Mobility - the manufacturer of this product - specifies these wheels as follows.

  • Magnesium alloy wheel material
  • 1.8" bearing spacing
  • 2.5" hub width
  • 0.5" axle diameter
  • Approximately 2.6 pounds per 24" diameter wheel

Ki Mobility began offering these wheels to the public in approximately the last quarter of 2022.

Maxx Mag wheels are available in three different sizes: 20", 22" and 24" in diameter. Handrims; as an additional item, can be ordered with these wheels. Handrims are connected with screws via six points on the side of the 24" diameter wheel, and five points on the two smaller wheel versions. Tab-style mounts are not used. Call for details about ordering handrims with Maxx Mag wheels.

Unlike some composite type wheels that have historically demonstrated a problem with the hub becoming detached from the composite wheel body, Maxx Mag hubs are press-fit metal-in-metal, rather than a metal-in-composite join. This particular metal-in-metal join results in a more enduring hub-to-wheel-body connection.

 Close up of back side of Max Mag wheel hub showing concave spoke geometry The manufacturer's engineering team has managed the weight of this wheel by making it concave on the wheel's back side (i.e., on the side of the wheel that faces the wheelchair). As shown in the accompanying close-up image of the back side of the wheel, the Maxx Mag's geometry is concave on its back side. The hub, spokes, and rim areas are similarly concave. The wheel's front side - the side facing away from the chair - exhibits the smooth, three dimensional mag appearance.

Metal-alloy-based mag wheels are not new to the wheelchair industry, but Maxx Mag wheels represent the most recent entry in this category. Like many high-end wheelchair wheels, Maxx Mags can also be used on other brands of chairs, not just Ki Mobility chairs. The wheels are generally rugged, stiff, maintenance free, and available in many different colors as seen in the order options listed here. Ki Mobility's standard one year warranty is applicable, and the immediate availability of Maxx Mags is refreshing at this time in history.