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Non-Cushion Stuff for Wheelers


The video (which can be viewed in a much larger HD format by clicking the YouTube viewing option) exhibits a portion of the phone conversation in which Sunday Mershon was told that she is a Thank You Mother recipient. Sunday is the fourth "Thank You Mother" recipient chosen by Wheelchair Cushion Sage.


 Non-Cushion Stuff Wheelers Use

Here is just some of the Non-Cushion Stuff available at a discount from Wheelchair Cushion Sage.

  • The Smart Drive MX2 Wheelchair Power Assist
  • The ZX-1 Wheelchair Power Assist
  • All TiLite Chairs and Parts (here are just a few)
    • TiLite Pilot with Growth Pkg. here is $1,950 (Retail is $2,600)
    • TiLite Twist here is $2,272 (Retail is $2,840)
    • TiLite Aero T here is $2,065 (Retail is $2,950)
    • TiLite Aero X here is $1,624 (Retail is $2,390)
    • TiLite Aero Z here is $1,859 (Retail is $2,655)
    • TiLite TR here is $3,125 (Retail is $4,450)
    • TiLite TRA here is $2,954 (Retail is $4,210)
    • TiLite ZR here is $3,050 (Retail is $4,345)
    • TiLite ZRA here is $2,754 (Retail is $4,050)
    • TiLite 2GX here is $2,884 (Retail is $4,265)
  • All Ki Mobility Wheelchairs
  • All PDG Mobility Products
  • All ADI Products (e.g., Disc Brakes, Backs, etc.)
  • All D's Locks Products
  • All Spinergy Products Including Wheels and the ZX-1 Power Assist
  • All Supracor Products Including Accessories, Bath, Spa, and Equestrian Items
  • All Comfort Company Products Including Gel and Foam Cushions and Backs
  • All Star Cushion Products Including StarLock, Galaxy, and Custom Cushions
  •  Fun Pi Day T-Shirt
  • RibGrips Handrims
  • All Out-Front Products Like Natural-Fit and Q-Grip Rims
  • Urological Products like Condom Catheters by Rochester Medical
  • Fun Stuff Like Wheelchair Cushion Sage T-Shirts (Pi Day Shirt Shown at Right)
  • ---> If You Want It and It's Not Listed Here - Ask !

How do I order the Non-Cushion Stuff ? When you want non-cushion stuff, email Wheelchair Cushion Sage (the email address is shown above) and include the necessary details associated with your desired item. You will receive a reply with the discounted price, along with the special ordering procedure that you may use to get the discount if you decide to purchae the item.

This special Non-Cushion Stuff for Wheelers ordering procedure is offered as a service to Wheelchair Cushion Sage customers who use the many non-cushion items made by these manufacturers.

Are these prices discounted too? Yes, the non-cushion stuff is offered at well below retail prices too.