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ROHO Hybrid Elite Wheelchair Cushion - DUAL & SR Options

ROHO Hybrid Elite Wheelchair Cushion Shown with No Cover
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Hybrid Elite Wheelchair Cushion

ROHO's Hybrid Elite Dual Compartment and SR wheelchair cushions can generally be categorized as a hybrid cushion due to the weight bearing combination of foam and air-filled components. The manufacturer of this product - ROHO - specifies this cushion as follows.

  • Approximately 4" thick (note contouring)
  • Approximately 3.5 pounds (varies with cushion size)
  • The cushion comes with 1 cover
  • The cushion comes with 1 pump
  • The cushion comes with 1 patch kit
  • Made in the USA

The ROHO Hybrid Elite cushion consists of a contoured foam base structure that supports an air component exhibiting either a single compartment or dual compartments. The air component rests in a well or carved-out area located in the rearward part of the foam base. Air is inserted into or released from the cushion via a typical air valve (or valves). The Hybrid Elite version has dual air compartments and two valves. The Hybrid Elite SR version has a single air compartment and one valve.

Note that ROHO's advertised cushion width dimensions typically measure to be one quarter of an inch less than the advertised width. For example, if you select a cushion that is 16 inches wide in the options here, the cushion will actually measure approximately 15.75 inches wide. Also, ROHO's advertised cushion front-to-back dimensions typically measure to be about three quarters of an inch greater than the advertised front-to-back dimension due to the shape of the cushion's back edge which is intended to accommodate a wheelchair's back and the associated vertical posts.

The air insert/component is made of Neoprene which can be cleaned with soap and water. When cleaning; be careful to close the air valve(s) when using water, and be sure that no water gets on the foam base.

The dual compartment version of this cushion (the Hybrid Elite) is not sensor-ready. The single compartment version of this cushion (the Hybrid Elite SR) is sensor-ready. Sensor-ready refers to the cushion's capability of being attached to ROHO's Smart Check device. The Smart Check device does not come with this cushion. Call if you are interested in purchasing the Hybrid Elite SR cushion with the accessory Smart Check device.

The extra cover options refer to purchasing a ROHO cushion and the extra cover(s) at the same time (not separately).

NOTE: These Hybrid Elite cushions are made-to-order by ROHO. In the event that your preferred size is not on the shelf, the manufacturing process typically takes 4 business days. Please consider the manufacturing time when ordering this cushion.

ROHO Hybrid Elite Dual Compartment Wheelchair Cushion