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ROHO Single Compartment Low, Mid, and High Profile Wheelchair Cushions

ROHO Single Compartment Wheelchair Cushion Shown with No Cover
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High, Mid, and Low Profile

ROHO's standard, single-valve, one-compartment wheelchair cushions can generally be categorized as air cushions due to their weight bearing air-filled cells. The manufacturer - ROHO - provides the following details.

  • Some Sizes Are Not Available In All Height Profiles
  • Approximately 4" or 3" or 2" high (without load)
  • Approximately 3 pounds (varies with cushion size)
  • The cushion comes with 1 cover
  • The cushion comes with 1 pump
  • The cushion comes with 1 patch kit
  • Optional battery-powered pump/pressure regulator

The ROHO standard single compartment cushion consists primarily of a matrix of air-filled neoprene cells. The air cells - all of them - are inflated by way of a single valve.

Approximate thicknesses (i.e., air cell heights) for the three ROHO Single Compartment variants are:
41/4" for the high profile (  H  ),
31/4" for the mid profile (  M  ), and
21/4" for the low profile (  L  ).
In this context, profile height is synonymous with cushion thickness and air cell height. The Single Compartment's three profile height options are often referred to as 4" , 3" , and 2" respectively. These thickness are measured with no one seated on the cushions (i.e., no load). As is the case with any cushion, when a person sits on this cushion it compresses, thus reducing its thickness from its no load thickness.

ROHO chooses to specify their cushion's length and depth sizes by the number of air cells in the associated direction. For example, ROHO's 6x6 cell cushion is approximately 12 inches wide by 12 inches front-to-back.

The manufacturer lists the following sizing recommendations.

Wheelchair Seat Size
(Width) or (Front to Back)
Recommended Number
Of Cells
(Width) or (Front to Back)
10 5
11 - 126
14 x 158
16 x 179
18 x 1910
20 x 2111
23 x 2413
26 x 2715

The Roho standard cover is a machine-washable, two-way stretch polyester fabric. The heavy duty cover is essentially a thicker standard cover that is more fluid resistant. Both types of covers have a zipper closure. The extra cover options refer to purchasing a ROHO cushion and the extra cover(s) at the same time (not separately).

NOTE: These low, medium, and high profile cushions are made-to-order by ROHO. In the event that your preferred size is not on the shelf, the manufacturing process typically takes 3 business days. Please consider the manufacturing time when ordering this cushion.

ROHO Single Compartment Wheelchair Cushion Shown with Cover