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ZX-1 Power Assist Wheelchair Add-On by Spinergy

 ZX-1 Wheelchair Power Assist
The Manufacturer Discontinued The ZX-1. Call Here For Parts, Or
See The MX2+ SmartDrive Sold Here
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The ZX-1 power assist wheelchair add-on by Spinergy - here - comes with a cushion. The ZX-1 is a free-standing, joystick controlled, battery powered accessory for manual wheelchairs. Spinergy - the manufacturer of this product - specifies this power assist device as follows.

  • Approximate Range = 5 miles (10 miles with Li-ion)
  • Maximum Speed on Level Surface = 3.7 mph
  • Total Weight including AGM Batteries = 87 pounds
  • Weight of AGM Battery Unit = 17 pounds
  • Battery Type = 12 Volt AGM (LiFePO4 Available)

Will a ZX-1 work for my particular chair? If you're uncertain, email your chair's brand and serial number and get a reply with the answer.

This power assist device is made for people who weigh no more than 250 pounds, and who use a manually propelled non-folding (i.e., rigid) wheelchair. Power assist is controlled by an armrest-mounted joystick (see front-view picture below). The ZX-1 engages the rear base of the wheelchair by grabbing the chair's axle tube (also called camber tube). Once initially configured, a wheelchair user who can use a manual chair, can use the ZX-1's joystick to engage and disengage the device without assistance.

An armrest extension kit is available as an option and may be ordered with a ZX-1 here (above), or separately by sending an email to the address listed on the Email page of this website. The armrest extensions are especially helpful for tall ZX-1 users.

The ZX-1 has two drive motors, each having a power rating of 320 Watts (746 Watts is equivalent to one horsepower). The joystick controller can be ordered for either left-hand or right-hand operation. The recipient wheelchair's rear wheel diameter must be one of the diameters listed among the order options (above). Additionally, the ZX-1 is compatible only with wheelchairs exhibiting:

  • Seat Width (left-to-right) = From 15 inches minimum To 20 inches maximum
  • Axle Tube Diameter = 1.25, 1.375, or 1.5 (email if greater than 1.5 inches)
  • Unobstructed Axle Tube Length = 9 inches or greater (email if less than 9 inches)
  • Space Between Anti-Tip Mounts = 9 inches or greater (email if less than 9 inches)

The lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery upgrade effectively doubles the original ZX-1's range and reduces its weight by approximately three pounds. The specific lithium-ion battery type is LiFePO4. You can retrofit an existing ZX-1 with the lithium-ion battery upgrade. The retrofit package will include 2 lithium-ion batteries and a new communication cable. Note that the retrofitting task involves re-programming the ZX-1's controller, so you will need access to someone who can re-program your controller. The re-programming enables the joystick module's LED display to warn of the substantially more abrupt power drop associated with depleting Li-ion batteries. Note that the Li-ion upgrade package costs more - separately - than when purchased with a new ZX-1. Re-programming is unnecessary when the ZX-1 is purchased with the Li-ion upgrade. Note also that the shipping weight of the Li-ion retrofit package ia approximately 100 pounds, and is most economically delivered to a business address via regular freight (rather than; for example, UPS and FedEx). Orders can be placed now for the lithium-ion upgrade - retrofit or otherwise. Wheelchair Cushion Sage can deliver a ZX-1 to anywhere in the world except Australia (Spinergy has an exclusivity agreement with its ZX-1 dealers in Australia).

A free cushion — any Stimulite, Vicair, or Star that you want from this site — comes with this power assist add-on. The cushion is an added benefit provided by Wheelchair Cushion Sage. To get your cushion, contact Wheelchair Cushion Sage with your cushion details and your ZX-1 order ID (found in your receipt) within 72 hours after you order your ZX-1. You will receive a confirmation phone call and the cushion that you specify will be shipped to you free of charge.

 ZX-1 Power Assist Wheelchair Add-On