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Supracor Stimulite Contoured Wheelchair Cushion - XS & Sling Optional

 Stimulite Contoured Wheelchair Cushion
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Stimulite Contoured

The Stimulite Contoured wheelchair cushion can generally be categorized as a honeycomb cushion due to its honeycomb-like structure. Supracor - the manufacturer of this product - provides the following details about this cushion.

  • Made in the USA
  • Approximately 3 inches thick
  • Approximately 3¼ pounds
  • Machine washable
  • Dryer-safe
  • The cushion comes with 1 polyester cover

The extra cover option refers to purchasing a Stimulite Contoured cushion (with or without the XS and sling options) and the extra polyester cover at the same time (not separately). The extra sheepskin cover option references real New Zealand sheep skin that stretches in true four way stretch fashion (i.e., the cover stretches in the width direction and in the perpendicular front-to-back direction). The optional water-proof cover fits around the top and sides of the cushion in shower-cap fashion.

If a custom taper, rail, notch, or leg cut is desired, complete and return the Custom Cut Stimulite form. Note that the back two corners are already inset a bit in Supracor's standard Contoured cushion geometry. Also note that custom tapers greater than one inch (the difference between the back and front widths) may adversely affect the Contoured's contouring.

Regarding the sling option (i.e., the curved bottom option), please note that sling is not available on Contoured cushions having any size dimension greater than 20 inches.

 Perforated Honeycomb Structure Its perforated, open cell structure permits more air circulation against adjacent buttocks and leg areas than most other types of cushions. The associated air circulation assists in the prevention of skin maceration. Note that the use of a non-porous cushion cover countervails the cushion's advantage with regard to air circulation.

The standard version of this cushion lacks the softness of some other cushion types. For this reason, Wheelchair Cushion Sage suggests opting for Supracor's "XS" option. The "XS" option specifies a softer top layer of the honeycomb material. The XS option does not add thickness to the cushion. The XS option replaces the top layer of the cushion with a slightly less dense (i.e., slightly softer) layer of honeycomb material.

The manufacturer's 3" thickness specification is; of course, somewhat of an average since the contoured surface of this cushion - its curvy top - exhibits a range of thicknesses that vary from point to point on the cushion. The front, left and right edges of the cushion, and the center pommel, are approximately 3.5" thick. The front leg well areas - the two low areas seen from the front - are approximately 3" thick. The rear seat well area - the back of the cushion where the buttocks would rest - is approximately 2" thick.

The extra one inch thickness option refers to the additional inch being added to the bottom of the cushion, whether or not the cushion has an XS top. Note; however, that the extra one inch thickness cannot be added to cushions with a "Sling" bottom.

An optional half inch thick obliquity pad (or two pads if an inch thickness is needed) can be useful in helping to compensate for hip asymmetry (i.e., a pelvic obliquity).

The Stimulite Contoured cushion is suitable for people who must use a wheelchair as a result of a spinal cord injury (e.g., paraplegia, quadriplegia or tetraplegia), stroke, or other disability.

 Stimulite Contoured Wheelchair Seat Cushion