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TiLite Aero T Wheelchair

 TiLite Aero T Wheelchair
$2,065 (Retail = $2,950)
For Standard Configuration
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TiLite Aero T

The TiLite Aero T wheelchair can generally be categorized as an ultra-light wheelchair due to its exceptionally light weight (<20 pounds depending upon configuration). TiLite—the manufacturer of this product—specifies this wheelchair as follows.

  • Power type: Manual, Not a Powered Chair
  • Frame Type: Rigid Non-Folding
  • Frame Material: Aluminum
  • Manufacture: Built-to-Order

The Aero T chair could be loosely considered an aluminum version of TiLite's titanium TR chair. When compared to TiLite's titanium TR chair, the Aero T chair does exhibit a few differences (e.g., standard TR taper options are Aero T custom modifications, etc.).

The frame and other chair features can be custom-manufactured in a variety of ways as indicated on the order form.

To order this wheelchair, carefully review the factory order form (linked in red above) and then contact Wheelchair Cushion Sage with your desired specifications.