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TiLite TX2 Folding Wheelchair

 TiLite TX2 Folding Wheelchair
TiLite Has Now Ceased Making This Chair
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TiLite TX2

The TiLite TX2 folding wheelchair can generally be categorized as an ultra-light wheelchair due to its exceptionally light weight (the TX2 is roughly 11 pounds depending upon configuration). TiLite's TX2 is the newer version of this manufacturer's TX chair. TiLite—the manufacturer of this product—specifies this wheelchair as follows.

  • Accepting Orders Now: Manufacturing Began Mar 14, 2016
  • Power type: Manual, Not a Powered Chair
  • Frame Type: Folding
  • Frame Material: Titanium
  • Manufacture: Built-to-Order

The TX2 is; primarily, a titanium chair. However; the TX2's construction does include some non-titanium structural components. For example; the TX2's cross tubes (i.e., the X-shaped pair of tubes under the seat) are aluminum and; incidentally, are substantially shorter than the cross tubes on TiLite's earlier TX folding chair. The TX2's camber tubes are carbon fiber and aluminum, its camber tube clamps (i.e., the axle housings) are aluminum, and its front wheel forks are aluminum. The frame tubes are titanium measuring one inch in diameter.

The TX2 is noticeably more rigid than its predecessor. Among the TX2 options are the backrest and footrest materials - each of these components can be either titanium or aluminum. Additionally, a new-for-TiLite footrest design is introduced with the TX2. Tilite specifies the TX2 frame weight — without the forks and the axle assemblies — as 8.7 pounds for a typical 16" x 16" chair configuration. The TX2 frame plus the forks and axle assemblies; however, weigh approximately 11 pounds for a typical 16" x 16" chair configuration. Quick-release wheels are standard on the TX2.

The TiLite TX2 is compatible with the MX2 Smart Drive when used with the associated Max-Mobility adapter bar.

The TX2's maximum dump configuration (i.e., the difference between the floor-to-seat heights measured at the back and front seat edges) can be as much as 4 inches.

 TiLite TX2 Wheelchair Views - Folded, Right, Front, Back, Top